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"Almost an Island"

A New Local History Book By
Gerald Micketti & Mark Thompson

• The Real Story of the Founding of Rogers City

  The Most Complete Story of the Murder
of the Notorious Albert Molitor,
the Self-Appointed “King of Presque Isle County”

• Stories of the Ghost Towns of Bell, Thompson’s Harbor, Crawford’s Quarry, Spensville, Clay Banks, Hammond, and Grace

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Michigan Historical Society award winner

"Calcite and the Bradley Boats "
                A Pictorial History

Centennial Edition

By Gerald Micketti and Mark Thompson

             In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the start of production at
Calcite and the launching of Steamer Calcite, local historians Jerry Micketti
and Mark Thompson have teamed up to produce the definitive history of the
Calcite Plant and the Bradley Transportation fleet.  In text and photos, they
trace the history of Calcite from the incorporation of Michigan Limestone &
Chemical Co. in 1910 to the plant’s recent purchase by Carmeuse Lime & Stone.
            Much of the material in the book has never appeared in print before,
including insider details from the early days of the company that were gleaned
from minutes of the corporation’s Board of Directors.  The text is profusely
illustrated with historic photos, primarily from Calcite’s own massive
photographic collection, now in the historical museum’s collection.

            Anyone with ties to Calcite, the Bradley boats, or the Rogers City area
will want this book in their collection. 

 412 pages, 494 photos

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$25.00 + $6.65 shipping in continental U.S.









The book is based on 21 tape recordings that Grambau made between
1994 and his death in 1997.  Grambau was a native of Rogers City who
earned a teaching degree at Michigan State College and returned to his
hometown to teach.  In 1944, he was appointed high school principal and
in 1950 he became Superintendent of Schools.  He held that position until
his retirement in 1973.  An inveterate local historian, Grambau’s tapes
recounted his memories of growing up in the Rogers City area and provide
many unique insights into the history of the community.  To publish the
book, Hopp and the staff of the Presque Isle County Historical Museum
spent a year editing a transcript of the tapes and adding illustrations to the

$20.00 + $6.65 shipping in continental U.S.






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"Mayday!  Tragedy at Sea"

By Jim Hopp

The Sinking of the SS Carl D. Bradley and SS Cedarville

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"The Wreck of the Carl D."
Michael Schumacher

From the Book

 early. With the exception of a bar or restaurant here or there, businesses
 shut down early enough for shopkeepers to be home in time for dinner.
 Many homes don’t have television, and evenings become family or home-
 work time. Teenagers congregate at a place like the Cozy Corner or at the
 movie theater, but they’re expected home at a decent hour---certainly
 before their parents go to bed, which, in these parts, is early enough.
 Outdoorsmen---or sailors, if they’re in town---might get together at a wa-
 tering hole and pick up the thread of a conversation from the night before,
 or if they’re really lucky, brag about the day’s catch or the deer they
 dragged out of the woods. They also know better than to stay out too late
 on a weeknight. Tomorrow is another workday, and it’s prudent to let it ar-
 rive unaccompanied by a hangover or a short night’s rest.
      Tonight is different.
      Word of the Carl D. Bradley shoots through the city. By the time the
 Christian Sartori finally makes its way through the storm to the scene of
 the wreck, and hours before the Sundew can expect to arrive there, every-
 one has heard the grim news. In no time, Rogers City is united in shock and
 confusion. No one knows anything for certain, including officials at Michi-
 gan Lime or the Bradley Transportation Company. The gatekeepers at the
 Port of Calcite hold firm in what they’ve been telling concerned callers, and
 they will remain so at least until the families of the Bradley crewman are
 notified. The Bradley, they stubbornly tell callers or visitors, is due to arrive
 at about 2:00

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$20.00 + $6.65 shipping in continental U.S.

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The Way Things Were Before Urban Renewal


Photos and histories of most of the businesses, government buildings,
and schools in Rogers City  during the  years the “Baby Boomers” were
growing up  - 1945 to the 1970’s. 
If you were in Rogers City during those years, it will bring back great
memories . . . and make you even more upset about Urban Renewal!
 A great gift!  151 pages.  185 photos.

$20.00 + $6.65 shipping in continental U.S.







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"Virgin Forest to Modern Homes"

A History of Rogers City, Michigan, 1870-1947 

                Simply the best early history of Rogers City.  What makes it
remarkable is that it was written in 1947 by Mrs. Nina Ferdelman’s
7th grade class.  Based on interviews of early  residents, the book
contains fascinating stories from the early history of our community. 
142 pages.  89 illustrations. 

 $20.00 + $6.65 shipping in continental U.S.   



"The Metz Fire of 1908"

Nothing better captures the horrors of the Metz Fire than the words of Pastor
Ernest Thieme of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church:

Sunday, I buried, at one funeral service, ten of the
members of our church who died in the fire.  It was a
strange worship service, which I conducted with a loudly
sobbing congregation alongside a church in ashes,
conducted over open graves.  I never experienced such
despair in my whole life.  At first, I could not even begin. 
I leaned against a lonely standing fence post and wept,
perhaps the first time since I was a child.”

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"A Sailor’s Logbook" 

A Season Aboard Great Lakes Freighters

Mark L. Thompson

Selected for the 2000 “Read Michigan” book list by the Michigan Historical Society.

  Thompson began his logbook after he reported for duty aboard the
Calcite II
at Fraser Shipyard in Superior, Wisconsin, for the 1996
sailing season.  A Sailor’s Logbook is the first such book to chronicle
a sailor’s life at the end of the twentieth century.  Not just a detailing
of weather, cargo, and crew relations, A Sailor’s Logbook is also an
account of the daily lives of a diverse group of crewmembers as they
share their sailing knowledge, “sea stories,” and many of the memories
that accompany the pictures.

                “Thompson’s book is a logbook following day-by-day activities
during the 1996 freighter season on the Great Lakes.  During
the season Thompson served on four boats, ranging from the
Calcite II to the 1,000-foot Edgar B. Speer. 
It is a fascinating and colorful account of how the freighters work."

 --The Observor and Eccentric

328 Pages, 60 Illustrations, Paperback

$28, plus $6.65 shipping and handling

If you would like the author to sign or inscribe this book, please provide
us with your name(s) or, if it's a gift,  the name of the recipient. 
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You may also call the museum for special requests - 989-734-4121.

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"Steamboats and Sailors of the Great Lakes"

Mark L. Thompson        

Named by the Michigan Department of History, Arts, and Libraries to their
 “50 Essential Books on Michigan History”

           The most thorough and factual study of the Great Lakes
shipping industry written in the 20th century.  Thompson tells the
fascinating story of the world’s most efficient bulk transportation
system, describing the Great Lakes freighters, the cargoes
of the great ships, and the men and women who have served as crew.

                “A gold mine of information for anyone interested in local
history or the economics of the steel industry, even if they don’t know
a canoe from a cruiser.  Thompson works the reader like a preacher
at a revival, effortlessly mixing folksy anecdotes with the
heavy stuff to get his point across.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

232 Pages, 97 Illustrations, Hardcover

$38, plus $6.65 shipping and handling

If you would like the author to sign or inscribe this book, please
provide us with your name(s) or, if it's a gift,  the name of the recipient. 
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You may also call the museum for special requests - 989-734-4121.

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Mark L. Thompson

 --The Saginaw News

    Queen of the Lakes” is an honorary title bestowed upon
the longest ship sailing on the Great Lakes.  In one of the
most comprehensive books ever written on the maritime
history of the lakes, author Mark Thompson presents a
vignette of each of the dozens of ships that have held that title. 
“Queen of the Lakes” is perfect for coffee tables, lakefront
cabins, of any boat lovers’ bookshelf.

 Macomb Daily

                “Both majestic and intimate . . . [Thompson’s] careful
research and evident love of the ships give the text an
authoritativeness and a tender attention to detail that is gripping.”

Peninsula News

224 Pages, 98 Illustrations, Hardcover

$36, plus $6.65 shipping and handling

If you would like the author to sign or inscribe this book,
please provide us with your name(s) or, if it's a gift, 
the name of the recipient.  Fill in this information
 prior to clicking the "Add to Cart" button.
You may also call the museum for special requests - 989-734-4121.

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Other Books by Local Authors

Rogers City:  It First 100 Years by the Rogers City Centennial Committee

1903 Plat Book of Alpena, Presque Isle and Montmorency Counties


Local and Regional History Publications

Millersburg United Methodist Church

Village of Millersburg Centennial Book

Mail by the Pail (Children)

Eight Steamboats

Copper-Toed Boots (Children)

Paddle to the Sea (Children)

Tin Stackers, a History of the Pittsburgh Steamship Fleet

Iron Fleet, Great Lakes Shipping During World War II

Freshwater Fury, the Best Account of the Great Storm of 1913

Deep Woods Frontier (Children)

Legend of Michigan (Children)

The Cedarville Conspiracy

Great Lakes Bulk Carriers, a Complete Guide to All the Bulk Freighters Built on the Great Lakes, 1869-1985

Black November, the Sinking of the Steamer Carl D. Bradley


Historical Photos


                We carry a large selection of historical photos from the museum’s various
photographic collections.  We carry photos of all of the ships of the Bradley Fleet, the
Great Lakes Fleet, and most other fleets that have employed sailors from our area.  If you
don’t find a photo of the ship you’re looking for in our collection, we can get one for you! 
These make great gifts for the sailors and former sailors in your family.

                Many photos from The Calcite Collection are available for purchase.  Included is
a series of photos that includes images of all the “company houses” on Lake Street,
First Street, Second Street, Tank Addition, Woodward, and Ira. 

                We are in the process of adding many photos by Ferris Parsons to our gift
shop inventory.  Included are numerous photos of confirmation classes, first
communion groups, school classes and activities, service clubs, church events
and activities throughout Presque Isle County.  Look through the photos, you may
find a picture of yourself!


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I Went to the Old Yellow School” T-Shirts

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